NISH Housing membership is open to all Nigerian individuals, organizations and cooperatives with verifiable source of income, record of consistent savings and ability to provide equity contributions towards acquiring desired properties including those in public and private employment, artisans, self employed and retirees.

NISH has the following classes of members:

Individual Member – Persons in public, private and self employment seeking to own homes

Corporate Member – Groups, associations and entities aiming to provide homes for their members. Such groups include, but not limited to, staff associations and cooperatives, business cooperatives, religious and community affiliated bodies and similar entities.

Partners – Entities seeking to collaborate and invest in social housing. They include mortgage and commercial banks, housing off-takers, development institutions.


To be eligible as a member of NISH, the following applies:

Individual Member – Must be 18 years and above and have a source of income that can be verified.

Corporate Member – Duly registered with the appropriate authority in Nigeria

Partners – Registration with appropriate authorities and evidence of involvement in social housing



To register as a member of NISH:

Complete and submit a membership form 

Pay a registration fee of N2,000 for individual members and N5,000 for corporate members and partners.


After registration and receipt of membership number, members will be required to pay full membership fees and dues as follows:

-Individual membership fee – N10,000

-Corporate Partners Membership Fee – N20,000


NISH members enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Affordable housing in good locations
  • Genuine ownership and property titles
  • Single digit interest rate
  • Flexible acquisition plans
  • Discounts from participating property developers


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